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We offer award winning technology services & support to help your business reduce overheads, increase profitability and become more efficient.

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Datasharp is a pioneering provider of business technology solutions. We began operating over 35 years ago and are proud to say we are one of the largest independent providers of business technology solutions operating throughout the UK.

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Why Choose Us?

Improve Efficiency

It’s safe to say that every business wants to run as efficiently as possible. Whether you've been faced with improving your company’s overall efficiency or just want to see where improvements can be made we can help by giving you expert advice on the very best technology solution to suit your needs.

Why Choose Us?

Protect your business

Protecting your business from security threats is essential no matter what size or type. Falling victim to a security breach can have a major impact on productivity & operations. We can help identify vulnerabilities in your business & give you expert advice on the latest technology to help fix potential issues.

Why Choose Us?

Improve Customer Service

The customer experience begins the moment they learn about your business. It’s essential you take every measure to keep it positive to build a long lasting relationship. We will work with you to learn your key customer characteristics enabling us to pinpoint a technology solution that will help you excel.

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Improve Staff Productivity

When it comes to implementing new technology to boost employee productivity it's important to select the right solution & ensure employees are trained to use it correctly. We can help identify key areas in your business where you would benefit from new technologies to improve employee productivity.

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Reduce Downtime

Whatever your business it’s a known fact that downtime is costly, affecting everyone from your employees to customers. With our experience & expertise we can reduce downtime to a minimum by tailoring our proactive support to your needs and often resolving issues before you’re even aware they exist.

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Increase collaboration

Creating a collaborative environment for your business is becoming a necessity to be able to share knowledge & expertise quickly, easily & effectively. We’ll work with you to put together a tailored collaboration solution that will simplify your communications and allow your team to work together in new ways.

Why Choose Us?

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We are a busy call centre that deals with hundreds of urgent health care calls each day – not only do Datasharp supply us with a system we can rely on, they also provide us with engineering support that is second to none. In an industry where efficient and reliable communications are essential, Datasharp’s solution excels.

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