Datasharp recommendation leads to superfast funding for Reflex Marine

By Zoe Thomason | 14/05/13 | News

Reflex Marine are the latest local business to benefit from the Superfast Cornwall Fund, a fund designed to help businesses take advantage of the technologies enabled by superfast broadband.

Katy Austin, Project Manager, Reflex Marine explained; “We are delighted to have received this funding – it’s allowed us to purchase equipment that we would not have been able to consider without the extra finance. It all started when we were in discussions with Datasharp – our communications provider – regarding our move from Truro to Shortlanesend. We had chosen the solution we wanted from Datasharp and whilst discussing broadband they mentioned that we could be eligible to receive some funding.”

Ben Shepherd, Datasharp commented; “We saw how Reflex Marine wanted to operate and recommended a hosted solution. They have a number of home workers around the country and also internationally, so we knew that our hosted solution would give them the flexibility they needed and with minimum capital expense and no maintenance charges it’s a truly cost effective solution.”

Ben Shepherd continued: “Once we started to discuss the potential of a hosted solution we saw an opportunity for them to take a further step towards future proofing their business with superfast broadband. We knew the funding was available and after further investigation we were able to create a business case for them and put them forward for consideration. I am delighted that they were selected for the funding.”

Katy Austin, Reflex Marine added; “We are incredibly grateful to Datasharp for all the advice they have given us. Not only do they provide us with first-class solutions and service, they also genuinely have our business’ best interests at heart.”

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