Datasharp shows its power (UPS)

By Zoe Thomason | 26/03/12 | News

Datasharp are in the press again – this time it’s for supplying our largest UPS unit (that’s Uninterrupted Power Supply). Our customer, Original Style, now have a staggering 18,000 watts of uninterrupted power so that even if their normal power supply is interrupted their business can still operate as usual. The main causes of concern when power fails include hardware damage, data errors and downtime – by installing this unit, these concerns are eradicated as UPS will provide as much or as little back up as is necessary so that the business can continue to function until the normal power supply resumes.

IT Manager, Owen Phillips at Original Style, commented: “The unit itself is fantastic. This UPS solution gives us complete peace of mind knowing that we now have the security in place to ensure that we are protected against any power issue.”

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