End-of-life telephone systems: Risks and new opportunities

By Zoe Thomason | 12/05/16 | Telephone Systems

Is your business running an end-of-life telephone system? You probably know it’s past its best, but the prospect of updating the system can seem a little daunting and budget pressures have lead you to delay its replacement. However there comes a time when continuing with your current communications system no longer makes sense from a financial and productivity prospective.

End-of-life Telephone system risks

On the surface everything may seem it’s in order but end-of-life telephone systems hold greater risks than you might think. They also cannot support new features and functionalities your business may want to introduce such as mobility, BYOD, video, unified communication & collaboration tools and cloud capabilities.

The possibility of system failures with end-of-life telephone systems increases every day you continue to use it. Without access to support there’s no saying how long it could take to fix or even if it can. Replacement parts and trained engineers with the necessary skills will become harder and harder to find. You could lose hours, days or even weeks this will take its toll on your business both financially and your reputation.

The success of any business depends on the effectiveness of its communications. Have you considered your competitors may already be benefiting from a new communication solution? If they are then chances are they are able to work smarter, faster and more efficiently – giving them the completive edge over you.

Improve communications

With a new communication solution, you will be able to:

  • Enhance team collaboration and improve decision making by integrating all your business communications into one place.
  • Boost collaboration with voice and video conferencing making it easy to include people wherever they are
  • Enable your team to update their availability status and how best they can be reached reducing frustrating delays
  • Access powerful real-time & historical data to utilise resources & meet your business’s ever changing needs
  • Integrate personal devices and DECT & WLAN phones so mobile staff are always in contact
  • Multimedia routing allows you to communicate effectively with customers through their chosen method – voice, web chat and email
  • Seamlessly integrate with leading business applications, unlocking many new possibilities and greater capabilities to maximise efficiency for every call.

We know the decision to move to a new communication solution can be a hard one to make, but with leading manufacturers announcing end-of-support for their legacy telephone systems next year such as Unify with their HiPath DX platform now is the time to start considering your options.

In the infographic below we highlight some key questions you should think about, to make it easier to find a telephone system that suits your business needs:

time for a new telephone system infographic

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