Guest Wi-Fi Hospitality

By Zoe Thomason | 13/10/15 | Wi-Fi

Having a fast, reliable guest Wi-Fi solution for your hotel is more important than ever. Guests want to be connected at all times whether for leisure or business – to stay in touch and share their experiences with family & friends, research days out or to be able to carry on with work. Here are the features we think are essential to every hotel when choosing a guest Wi-Fi hospitality solution.

Give your business the competitive edge

Guests expect easy access to fast, reliable & secure Wi-Fi – turn this into an opportunity to better engage with them, improving customer experience & loyalty.

Did you know? 78% of people prefer venues that provide free guest Wi-Fi than a free breakfast.

When choosing a guest Wi-Fi solution these are the features to look for:

  • WiFi Analytics
  • WiFi Marketing
  • Location Analytics
  • Social Integration
  • Security & Protection
  • Legally Compliant
  • Content Filtering

How guest Wi-Fi marketing will help your hospitality business?

  • Actively promote your business Ask guests to‘like‘ or‘follow’you when logging onto your Wi-Fi through their social media accounts.
  • Automatically direct guests to your customised landing page after login.
  • Capture analytical data which allows you to create bespoke campaigns for your guests in real time.
  • Learn more about your guests – who they are (gender, age interests, etc.), where they are connected, how many times they’ve and their Wi-Fi usage

Did you know? 74% of people are happy to receive a text or email with promotions, so when better to send them a tailored voucher when you know they are at your business.

Keeping you secure & compliant

  • Providing a separate & secure system for your guest Wi-Fi will protect your private business network.
  • Content filtering blocks inappropriate websites & ensures your guest Wi-Fi is safe & family friendly.
  • Retaining & storing certain data to comply with the EU Data Retention Directive & Data Protection Act.

Did you know? 61% of hospitality venues said guest Wi-Fi has had a positive impact on customer loyalty and have also seen a 2.7% rise in sales per a customer.


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Take a look at what our guest Wi-Fi solution can offer your marketing team to build a better relationship with your new and existing customers.