Harnessing the power of public Wi-Fi

By Zoe Thomason | 04/03/14 | Wi-Fi

Socialise like never before!

If you have a public Wi-Fi hotspot you may not be using it to the best of its abilities. Depending on what type of business you have it can be very beneficial if used in the right way. Rather than being a mere servant for free guest Wi-Fi access why not get them to help you?

Social media has never been more rife and people rely on you a) having a social media presence and b) being popular. If you’re social media account is active and has people “checking in” to your location that looks fantastic for your company.

Did you know just 1 Facebook ‘like’ is estimated to be worth £85! The average Facebook profile has just over 180 friends, so if one person likes you and mentions that they are currently enjoying their stay at your company, that’s an instant potential of over 180 people seeing that post. The post can be anything as well – it can be that you are having a special deal that you would like to promote.

Wi-Fi Law

Did you know that there are several laws surrounding Public Wi-Fi access? Not only do you need to know about them but of course be compliant with the various laws and legislation’s that apply when you have a public Wi-Fi hotspot. Laws such as copyright infringement, accessing illegal content, hacking, data retention regulations, digital economy act and many more.

If you are not aware of this and are currently letting any member of the public access the internet that you pay for, then you are putting yourself and your company at risk. Say for example you receive a letter in the post saying you have been accessing highly illegal content through your broadband and been involved in illegal activities, how are you able to prove that it wasn’t you? You will need the time, date, IP, name of the user, MAC address and whatever else is required to prove that it was a member of the public and not yourself.

Guest Wi-Fi Solution

After investigating several different options for a guest Wi-Fi solution that complied with the Wi-Fi law (that didn’t involve any extra costs for building a dedicated server for monitoring or any free software with no support) I’ve narrowed down my favourites to 1 – Purple Wi-Fi.

For me Purple Wi-Fi stood heads above everyone else – it just ticked all of the boxes. You can customise the splash page to include you company logo, colour scheme and brief company info (i.e. special offers, deals etc.). It has social media integration options as well as management functionality for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn so you can incorporate it into as much of your social activity as you want to. Most importantly, it ensures that your business is kept safe by abiding by the legal obligations of providing guest Wi-Fi access.

All of this comes standard without the need for expensive software running on separate hardware or hours and hours of configuring your current network infrastructure.

Purple Wi-Fi is not just about complying with the UK Wi-Fi law’s but also about making your business profit socially from guests using your network, and without a doubt it’s the best at doing so.


If you currently offer your guests, visitors, or customers Wi-Fi are you using it to the best of its abilities? Find out how your business could benefit from Guest Wi-Fi...