Hosted mobile recording solution

By Zoe Thomason | 17/01/13 | News

In partnership with UK call recording hardware and software manufacturer Retell, we are delighted to report that a new hosted mobile recording solution is now part of our product portfolio. We believe this solution will make mobile call recording affordable to small businesses and single handset users. In addition the solution will include a ground breaking GPS system allowing businesses to track their workers movements improving both security and efficiency.

Mobile handset recording first hit the news in 2011 when the FSA instructed certain financial trading organisations to record mobile calls. However it is believed, this did not result in the huge take up mobile recording vendors were expecting as some regulated firms found ways to circumvent regulation or avoid recording large numbers of handsets, in many cases due to the high costs involved. The resulting low levels of investment in the market meant some vendors failed to provide products that came up to scratch leaving customers disappointed.

Steve Cobley, Managing Director at Retell commented; “We always believed that the market for mobile recording would mature when the expected surge to comply with the FSA died down and new, more affordable technologies became available to small and medium sized business owners, so we are pleased to be leading from the front, offering customers an affordable alternative. Datasharp UK are one of our elite Platinum Partners, they understand their customer needs and are committed to providing them with long-term solutions that enhance business operation. ”

Allan Williams, Technical Director, Datasharp added; “Landline call recording has always been valued by businesses, we are now seeing an increasing number of requests for mobile recording due to the changing way in which we all communicate. This solution is not only cost effective it is also an invaluable tool for businesses.”

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