Infographic: Legal Guest Wi-Fi

By Zoe Thomason | 23/09/14 | Wi-Fi

This infographic looks at what venues and businesses providing Guest Wi-Fi access to the public should be doing to comply with UK Wi-Fi law.
Guest Wi-Fi Legally Compliant infographic

Is your guest Wi-Fi legally compliant?

People want Wi-Fi connectivity more than ever before, as it is an important part of how we communicate. Providing Wi-Fi for guests and customers has gone from a luxury to an essential and expected amenity. No matter what size or type of venue, if Wi-Fi access is provided it will need to comply with UK Wi-Fi law.

Did you know 82% of businesses believe they meet the required laws for guest Wi-Fi, but only 14% actually do.

Legally compliant guest Wi-Fi must:

  • Prove that steps have been taken to prevent illegal online activity.
  • Store certain user data for 12 months (EU Data Retention Regulation).
  • Process personal data on individuals according to the Data Protection Act.

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