Infographic: IT Security Threats

By Zoe Thomason | 04/09/14 | IT Solutions

The infographic below looks at the reasons why having IT security in place is vital for all businesses to prevent security breaches.
IT Security Infographic 2014

IT Security Threats to small and medium sized businesses

IT security is essential for all businesses – no matter what size or industry. Identifying vulnerabilities in your IT system security should be a top concern, as falling victim to a serious security breach has a major impact on business productivity and operations..

In the last year 3 out of 5 businesses have suffered a malicious security breach. The types of threats suffered:

  • 45% were infected by a virus or malicious software
  • 10% experienced theft or fraud involving computers
  • 22% had an incident caused by employees
  • 33% had attack attempts by outsiders (hacking)

The impact of a security breach:

  • Business operations were disrupted on average for 7-10 days
  • To respond and fix a security breach averaged at 18 man days
  • The average cost and financial loss to a business £3.5K to £7K

[1] Information Security Breaches Survey 2014


How would your business's network cope if it came under a cyber attack? With the number of attacks increasing find out how we can help protect and defend your business...