Keep Safe. Keep Connected. Keep Moving.

By Zoe Thomason | 31/03/20 | News

Considering the current situation regarding Coronavirus (Covid-19) we’d like to share with you the measures we are taking to ensure service continuity for your business and teams.  We’d also like to share our thoughts on how we can all Keep Safe, Keep Connected and Keep Moving.

Keep Safe

Reassuringly, we all seem to be following the governments advice on staying safe by staying at home. We would hasten to add that it’s also important to make sure you keep your business information safe too. As we’re all going online more and business information is dispersed, it’s even more vital to make sure you are using a secure network and taking all the necessary security precautions.

Keep Connected

How we’ve adapted to the situation – Our technology infrastructure and business continuity planning is in place to ensure we can operate our systems and processes remotely with no interruption to normal service levels.

  1. We already use highly effective cloud-based collaboration software which provides our teams access to video & audio conferencing, screen sharing, whiteboards and file sharing from anywhere.
  2. Every member of our team has the tools and technology they need to seamlessly work from home which includes softphone applications installed upon their PC/laptop/mobile so they can continue to answer and manage customers calls and requirements.
  3. All our teams can access all the software tools and documents they need to manage enquiries, quotes, order processing and support for our customers.

How we can help you adapt – We know that current, or future measures taken to prevent the spread of the virus have the potential to completely change the way your teams and business operates. Now, more than ever we all need to stay connected by whatever means necessary. We can help you by making sure you have the right collaboration and flexible working tools in place. We can also offer guidance on your communication continuity strategy.

Keep Moving

We all understand the importance of physical exercise – keeping our bodies moving helps keep us fit and sane!

With the challenges that all businesses are facing right now, we also need to keep businesses moving too. To meet these challenges, we must be flexible, agile and learn to adapt quickly to the changing landscape. We can do this if we all work together and support one another.


We're here to support you through these difficult times and will do everything we can to keep your business working.