Warning – Microsoft ends updates for Windows 7 / 8.1 on new processors.

By Zoe Thomason | 22/03/17 | IT Solutions

If you’re a Kaby Lake or AMD Ryzen user, you should use Windows 10.

As knowledge base articles go Microsoft released a highly controversial KB this March; KB 4012982. In brief the release states that Microsoft will soon be blocking updates for Kaby Lake and AMD Ryzen CPUs on systems running either Windows 7 / 8.1.  Although most Microsoft users have upgraded from the now defunct Windows XP there are many businesses that still rely on Windows 7 and/or Windows 8.1 for their daily use.  While losing access to these Microsoft updates may seem trivial or perhaps even welcome to some the reality is these updates are critical.

Reduced Security

Software updates to your Windows operating system are what allow you to maintain a smooth user experience.  Installing patches and updates regularly serves two major functions; the first and arguably most important is security.  With the ever-changing landscape of malware and computer viruses it can be difficult to discern what precautions are actually yielding your business real protection.  You can be sure that Microsoft updates are in fact the most critical part of overall PC security.  While your antivirus programs may scan or even block potential threats it is only Windows updates that do the work of patching the holes and repairing vulnerabilities to your operating system.

Reduced efficiency

Hand in hand with the security functions Microsoft updates work to ensure overall compatibility with other programs and software.  The average PC has 25+ discreet software programs installed that can run hundreds of processes concurrently.  While these programs support our day to day usage most require updates from separate third parties.  As a result your programs all have the potential to slow down your computer, or worse cause system freezes and crashes.  Installing current and frequent updates from Microsoft will adjust and improve how Windows interacts with your software giving you the hassle-free performance you and your company are looking for.

Peace of mind

So how do you know if you are at risk of losing these valuable updates? A detailed examination of your Windows system properties will show you the exact version of your operating system as well the specific build and integration of your PC’s processor.  Here at Datasharp we understand this can seem a daunting process with dire consequences if misdiagnosed. Have no doubt we are always committed to helping you and your business with all your IT needs.

Considering that Windows 7 is almost a decade old the blocking of these updates signals that Windows 7 and Windows 8 will soon be retired. As such we would encourage everyone to upgrade their systems to Windows 10. Updates are a crucial part of your PCs health and by extension your businesses success, let us be your partner in assuring you are prepared for all that is to come.

Microsoft ends WIndows 7 / 8.1 updates on new processors

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If you haven’t upgraded yet, will this convince you to finally upgrade to Windows 10? If you need some advice call us today - we're happy to help.