Our Guide to Successful Project Management

By Vicki Smart | 27/10/15 | IT Solutions, Telephone Systems

It’s no secret that behind every successful project is an organised project manager – forward planning, monitoring and reassessing are all key to keeping a project (regardless of it’s size) on track.

According to our project managers there are a few key elements that can ensure you’re as organised as you can be.

Single point of contact

Without doubt the most important element that reassures customers is when they know they have a single point of contact for any/all queries.

Attention to detail

Organising a brainstorming session at project kick-off is always useful and can ensure that all elements (regardless of size) are considered.


It’s important to ensure that ‘from the word go’ you produce a Gantt chart for timeframes and a RACI matrix to list roles, responsibilities and key stakeholders, this way everyone knows from the start what’s expected of them and by when.  Setting change controls in place is also useful as invariably timeframes will alter and having contingencies in place will reduce the impact on your project.

Regular contact

Maintaining regular contact between your customer and the project team will ensure that everyone is kept up to date and that timescales and budgets are kept on schedule.


Continual assessment of your project is vital to ensure a timely completion, this can be easily achieved by regularly reviewing your Gantt chart and keeping up that regular contact.

If you combine these elements, you’re well on your way to running a successful project.


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