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By Zoe Thomason | 01/02/16 | Connectivity

In today’s business world it is vital you keep connected, being without a data connection for even a short time can have a big effect on productivity and operations. Your employees need to communicate and collaborate with everyone quickly and effectively whilst having secure and reliable access to all the resources they need. Find out how to solve your business’s connectivity issues with our latest SlideShare…

Keeping your business connected is extremely important no matter your industry or size. 83% of SMBs rely on connectivity services and consider communication services fundamental to their business

Do these problems seem familiar?

  • Limited communication options are damaging your customer experience
  • Difficulties using the latest technology are causing you to miss out on opportunities
  • Poor connectivity is affecting employee productivity and moral

It is estimated 22minutes per day are lost due to poor connectivity and 60% of workers said ‘below par’ technology such as slow broadband speeds has prevented them doing their jobs.

Ways you can to solve your connectivity problems

Superfast Broadband

With fast speeds of up to 80Mb, you’ll work far more efficiently and be able to take advantage of a growing range of next generation IP services.

  • Unlimited with no usage restrictions
  • Reliable back-up service
  • Centralise connections on one network
  • Quicker file uploads & downloads

55% of SMBs have said that FTTC / FTTP has allowed them to work in new and different ways

Ethernet & Ethernet First Mile

Benefits of Ethernet:

  • Easily scale up as your business grows & control costs by only paying for the bandwidth you need
  • Dedicated & fully uncontended service that gives you total control & is managed 24/7
  • High speed symmetric bandwidth allows you to introduce next gen voice & data services
  • SLAs offer guaranteed uptime for bandwidth and performance making Ethernet highly reliable & resilient giving you peace of mind.

MPLS Network

MPLS network offers a highly secure, cost-effective and extremely flexible way to connect your sites, applications, cloud services and data together. Benefits of MPLS:

  • Highly secure networking service
  • Extremely scalable & flexible to meet changing needs
  • High speed connectivity
  • Reliable access to all the resources your team needs


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