The costs of poor business broadband

By Zoe Thomason | 03/04/14 | Connectivity

There is so much that I could talk about when it comes to the broadband and what it has done to connect the world and change our work and home practices. I think we all acknowledge that the internet has probably been one of the single biggest contributing factors in improving communication with others, whether it is speaking with friends, shopping, researching what to buy, holding a meeting or sending information. You name it, the internet has a massive impact on our home and business lives.

Poor business broadband equals negative business effects

So when we, Datasharp, talk about providing internet and data connections into the businesses we serve, it is imperative that our internet solutions are the best available to the business market.

Whilst we as a company understand that the best way to boost our business is to make sure our customer’s experience is better than the competition – one of my messages to our customers would be – make sure that your internet connection and data communication is better than your competition.

When internet connectivity is one of the biggest driving selling forces of a company and one of the biggest contributing factors to efficiency – the time has come for all of us to unlock the potential that it gives our companies as whole. There is a fantastic range of internet products out there with vastly differing prices, ranging from your basic Business Broadband to Superfast Fibre Broadband through to your dedicated Ethernet connection. Let’s explore them together and see what they can do for your business.


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