Top 5 reasons why your business should consider AirTight WIPS

By Zoe Thomason | 15/09/15 | IT Solutions, Wi-Fi

A wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS) is the best way to effectively monitor and secure your business’s wireless network. By scanning your WLAN’s radio spectrum a WIPS will identify and block unusual / suspicious network activity – detecting rogue access points or devices.

In our opinion, AirTight’s WIPS is by the far the most superior system available to protect your business against current and emerging wireless threats. There are other systems out there but AirTight’s sits head and shoulders above them and here’s why:

  • It’s automatic

    AirTight’s WIPS is the only system that is truly automated and operates 24 / 7 detecting, blocking and locating all types of wireless threats. The system does this by using their patented Marker Packet™ techniques which allow it to classifies wireless devices into 4 main categories; Authorized, Guest, External & Rogue. This allows it to quickly eliminate false alarms and block any true threats (another clear difference here is that other systems can detect threats but they can’t block them).

  • It detects Clients / Devices not just Access Points

    The second area that clearly distinguishes AirTight’s system from the rest is its ability to detect threats based on clients/devices not just access points. This system gives you the power to accurately track down and physically remove a threat-posing client/device in a timely manner.

  • It works with multi-vendor network architectures

    Another important factor that sets AirTight’s WIPS apart from the rest is that it can integrated with any WLAN infrastructure system.

  • It’s PCI Compliant

    With Airtight’s automated WIPS, your Wi-Fi system is continuously scanning and preventing rogue clients and access points making sure the wireless CDE (Cardholder Data Environment) remains secure.
    The reporting is automatic too so you can schedule reports to be generated and delivered via email when you want them.

  • It’s Cloud-based

    Having both on & off-site deployment options means this system is incredible flexible – you have complete control over how much you manage your wireless security and how much you want to pay.

AirTight are without doubt pioneers when it comes to WIPS and as if you need any more persuading Gartner Research have categorised them as the first and only wireless IPS solution to be rated as Strong Positive.

How AirTight WIPS work


If your business was under attack from one of the many cyber threats around today, how would your network cope? It is important you not only understand what the top security threats are, but also which security services can help you to prevent them.