Top things you should consider when outsourcing IT support

By Zoe Thomason | 07/04/14 | IT Solutions

Hiring an internal IT manager has its advantages, however, there are downsides. Not only is there a permanent salary to consider, there will also be no cover during holidays or sickness. Internal IT staff can also find it hard to stay up to date with the latest IT knowledge. Outsourcing IT Support could be your answer.

Top things you should consider when outsourcing IT support:

  1. Locality

    Do you need or want a local company? About 90% of IT support can be done remotely, but the ability to be onsite and know your business can be invaluable.

  2. Scalability

    Do you want an IT company that can handle your issue when it occurs, and not put you in a queue of work? Make sure to ask how many IT support engineers the company has.

  3. Support

    What IT support options are offered? Business hours, out of hours, faster response times.

  4. Knowledge

    How much experience and expertise do they have? Ask what certifications their engineers have – Microsoft, Cisco & Dell are a good starting point.

  5. Understanding

    How well does the IT company understand your business? Any good IT company will have at least one fact finding meeting.

  6. Pricing

    Are they flexible in the solution to make sure it fits your budget? Remember, the cheaper the solution the less reliable it may be.

Once you’ve considered these points, and following a bit of research you should have a clear idea of which supplier is right for you.

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