VoIP – Cheap calls with SIP Trunks

By Zoe Thomason | 13/03/14 | Connectivity

What are the two key things that businesses focus on when looking at how their businesses operate?

Running costs and efficiency I would say are two key factors and this is where SIP Trunking can make a huge difference.

I expect you’ve already found that a good quality telephone system dramatically improves the efficiency and the professionalism of your company. You may have considered SIP trunks and VoIP (Voice over IP) technology as an alternative to your traditional business telephone lines and calls because of the savings you can make?

Have you considered the added benefits of SIP trunks?

SIP and VoIP enable you to take your number anywhere by porting your land line number to your new SIP trunk service. Your number is hosted in the cloud and becomes geographically versatile.

SIP trunks are also ideal for providing disaster recovery (DR) when the worst happens. If you have a power cut at your business or are unable to access your building for any reason – with Datasharp SIP trunks you can use our online portal and divert yours calls to another number – hassle free and reducing the impact on your business.

In short, SIP trunks offer great flexibility, cost savings and business continuity. Making the best use of this new technology, now that better business grade broadband, superfast broadband and fibre Ethernet technology is available, is the first step to opening the door of massive time and cost saving opportunities.

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