Why Cisco Meraki is our best rated Wi-Fi Solution

By Zoe Thomason | 11/03/14 | Wi-Fi

In the world of wireless access points (WAPs) it can sometimes be difficult to differentiate between specific vendors’ hardware. Most offer ranges of similar specs that are also similarly priced so how do you choose?

I’ve installed hardware from various manufacturers and, if I’m perfectly honest, end users tend not to notice any performance difference as long as there is reliable connectivity.

However, in my opinion, one company has recently edged ahead of the crowd. You may pay slightly more for Cisco Meraki hardware but the benefits, especially to support staff, are huge.

Along with a sleek, aesthetically pleasing design the Cisco Meraki’s web management portal is what really sets it apart from the competition.

No longer will administrators have to change their machines IP address and connect to each WAPs web interface for configuration. As long as the Cisco Meraki WAP has power and a connection to the internet all configuration can be done from the portal. To go one better, this configuration can even be done while the unit is still being shipped to you! Simply enter the order number to the web portal and when the WAP has an internet connection it will download the config and be ready for use! In my experience, this has greatly reduced pre-build time and allows quick, seamless Wi-Fi installs for our customers.


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