Benefits of working closely with Openreach

By Zoe Thomason | 14/10/14 | Connectivity

At Datasharp we know that great customer service can only be achieved by successfully working together with our Industry partners. This ensures that the products and services they provide to us are rigorously tested and resilient.

This in turn, gives our customers the all-important reassurance that the services and products we supply to them are fit for purpose and will be well supported and maintained.

Openreach is tasked with the responsibility of managing the entire UK telecommunication network infrastructure – enormous in its scope. Over many years Datasharp has developed and established an excellent working relationship with Openreach which is second to none.

Helping to develop effective tools and products with Openreach

Datasharp maintains strong working relationships with key stakeholders at all levels within the management structure of this telecoms giant. Working in particular with both our service manager and business development manager, we have identified key processes which are failing or simply do not work – especially where these have a direct effect upon our customers. The changes which we proudly help to implement range from simple process tools to entire product development.

Often the drive for Openreach to change their processes is when it is identified as broken, but we realise the importance of change when processes simply mean that our customers don’t have the exemplary experience that they expect from Datasharp.

One of the key processes we have helped drive forward is our ability to protect customers from Toll Fraud – and our ability to stop it once a customer has been affected.

Powerful fraud monitoring and anti-hacking systems

Datasharp provides fraud monitoring for all our customers by working with Openreach to detect fraud and stop this criminal activity in its tracks subsequently mitigating our customer’s liability. Not all service providers see this as an added benefit to their end users and do little to prevent this activity – or charge for the privilege and then simply invoice their customers for the cost of what can be very expensive calls. Datasharp customers can rely on us to help protect against the cost implications of hacking with this free service.

Datasharp values our customers and believes their success is our success.


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