Business Broadband

Keeping your business connected

It’s no secret that broadband has long since been a staple requirement for every business (in fact it’s the most used form of Internet access) and with more and more applications moving into the cloud, it’s essential you can connect your business and team reliably and at high speeds. Our business broadband comes in a variety of flavours. From the more basic ADSL connection (carried along copper cables) to the advanced fibre optic connections such as Superfast FTTC and FTTP. Which connection type you choose will depend on your location and how much you want from your broadband.

Our business broadband connections

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    If your business is not yet enabled for fibre broadband or you are looking for a backup circuit ADSL2+ is a cost effective, extremely reliable choice, with speeds of up to 20Mb download and 1Mb upload.

  • FTTC

    Start enjoying speeds of up to 80Mb download and 20Mb upload allowing your business to run more bandwidth hungry applications and cloud services such as Office 365 & hosted telephone systems.

  • FTTP

    FTTP provides a fibre optic connection all the way from the telephone exchange to your business location giving you lightening speeds and higher reliability – making life just that bit easier.

video conferencing

Connect your business with reliable high speeds

If your business has basic data requirements, then ADSL is the most cost effective option. However, if your business uses bandwidth-intensive services, such as; Skype, facetime, streaming or video conferencing, then your business needs the faster fibre connections with greater speeds. Equally, if you operate flexible working for your team then having a superfast connection will allow them to work just as productively from home.

Connect better with your team, customers and suppliers

Regardless of which broadband option you choose, one thing’s for sure – your business will see improvements, whether it’s better day to day communications, improved efficiency, notable cost savings or a boost in sales.

Business broadband connect your team

We recommend you look at our Managed Leased Line solutions as it’s really important you have the right connections in place. If this is all the information you need, that’s great! Feel free to get in touch with us.