Multi-protocol label switching

When it comes to MPLS you’re going to come across the same words several times – reliable, resilient, secure, cost effective – that’s because on every level this is what MPLS is. Technically speaking, MPLS is a data-carrying technique that provides a secure and resilient private network for inter-site connectivity. In other words, it allows you to connect different sites with different needs, in the fastest most efficient way (all from the safety of your own network).

The top advantages of MPLS

  • Control


    Control where and how your traffic is routed on your network.

  • Scalability


    Scale up or down to suit your business communication needs.

  • Quality


    Prioritise data and voice traffic depending on what’s important to you.

  • Compatible


    Fully compatible with multiple carrier options such as EFM and EoFTTC.

MPLS Network

Fast, Secure & future-proof

Our carrier integration model allows you to choose the technology, network, and products for each individual location across your network, making it a cost effective and extremely flexible way to network your sites, applications and information together.  You’ll also have the option to include Centralised Breakout, so you won’t need to buy multiple firewalls and to top it all off, our MPLS comes with a guaranteed 99.9% up-time, financially backed service level agreement (SLA) as well as guaranteed fix times.

MPLS Key Features

  • UK-wide and global coverage, with access to speeds of up to 10Gb.

  • Network Traffic

    Carries voice, data, video and multimedia traffic across one converged network.

  • segregation

    Free SIP handoff – segregated bandwidth routing voice directly to the SIP exchange.

  • Direct connection to Cloud Exchange – fast access to major platforms such as Azure & SalesForce.

In depth monitoring

Access to our network monitoring tool comes as standard and gives you better visibility and control over your service, such as fault management and service performance. Our online portal also lets you see at a glance the general health of your network services and how much bandwidth is being used on any one circuit.

network monitoring

Example of an MPLS Network Diagram

MPLS Network Diagram
IT Solutions

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