VoIP & SIP Trunks

Delivering voice and media over the internet

For some time now, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has been considered as a genuine cost-saving alternative to making calls using traditional lines. VoIP uses SIP trunking and can be a means of delivering high quality, reliable digital voice services for your business without the cost of additional hardware.

Business savings

Cheaper alternative to ISDN

The biggest advantage of SIP is that it offers significantly cheaper calls than traditional landline services.  With various call bundles featuring free inter-site, local and national calls as well as reduced mobile and international calls, it’s common knowledge that using VoIP makes good business sense.

It's not just about budget...

  • Efficiency

    Greater Efficiency

    Applications and technologies can be linked which in turn will help to streamline your business processes and operation.

  • Scalability

    Highly scalable

    You can quickly and easily scale your communications up or down according to your requirements at little to no cost.

  • Flexible

    Number flexibility

    If you move offices you can relocate with your existing geographic numbers without incurring any call forwarding costs.

Business Continuity

You’ll have guaranteed business grade resilience which means your phone service can cope with any situation and in the event of an emergency you can relocate and reroute calls instantly and cost-effectively.

business continuity

We recommend you look at our Managed Leased Line solutions as it’s really important you have the right connections in place. If this is all the information you need, that’s great! Feel free to get in touch with us.