IT Support

Giving you peace-of-mind

Technology has become crucial not only to the day to day running of your business, also to it’s success. With an increasing reliance on IT, any issues (whether large or small) can be very disruptive causing a wave of damaging consequences – financially, time and productivity wise and to your customer satisfaction. As such, it’s essential your business chooses the right IT support to keep your systems running smoothly and to provide help when you need it most.

Reliable & expert IT support

We know every business is different, so we offer a wide-range of IT support services for all types of businesses across Cornwall, Devon and the South West UK. Whether you already have an in-house IT team and just need a helping hand from time to time, or you want a fully managed service we can tailor a solution just to you. By getting to know your business we’ll learn what your needs are and put together an IT support solution that’ll continually work for you.

IT Support for business

IT Support designed for you

  • Development

    Level & cover

    Select the IT support cover and level to suit your business needs.

  • Billing

    Billing frequency

    Decide your billing frequency – monthly, quarterly or annually.

  • Response

    Response Time

    Choose between a 2 or 4 hour service-level-agreement (SLA).

  • Days Time

    24-7-365 support

    Get guaranteed IT support when your business needs it most.

Our IT support services

  • On-site and Remote Support

  • Proactive Intelligent Monitoring

  • Managed Services

  • Network Monitoring & Management

  • Infrastructure, Software & Licencing

  • Backup Monitoring & Management

  • Unlimited Support & Helpdesk

  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

  • Security Services

  • Microsoft Office 365 & Azure

  • Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S)

  • Hosted & Cloud Services

  • Wi-Fi Marketing

  • Patch Management

If this is all the information you need, that’s great! Feel free to get in touch with us.  If you’d like to find out more we recommend you visit our IT blogs.