Contact Centre

Design Better Customer Journeys

We all know that customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty come hand-in-hand.  If you can equip your agents with all the tools they need, not only will you be optimising the service they provide, you’ll also be assuring that both they and your customers are as happy as they can be. However, with customers now demanding more ways than just phoning to get in touch (email, web chat & social media), routing calls to the right team is now only a fraction of your contact centre challenge.

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Get everything you need all in one place

So, whether your looking to move to the cloud or still want to keep everything managed in-house, we’ll build you a tailored solution that meets all your requirements and makes your contact centre operate like a well-oiled machine – connecting everyone to the right person at the right time.

Our contact centre solutions can provide

  • Communicate effectively with your customers with accurate & efficient multimedia routing - calls, web, emails or social media

  • Seamless integration with your CRM, ERP & accounting systems to get instant access to comprehensive information

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) to enhance how you manage and handle calls

  • Intuitive desktop interface that provides you with unified communication and collaboration tools to reduce time per a call

  • Management tools - call monitoring, whispering & barging to help with training and monitor ongoing call handling

  • Positioning call queue so you can keep an eye on how calls are flowing & customers know how long they’re likely to be waiting

  • Call recording & reporting tools to help you utilise your resources and optimise your teams productivity & efficency

  • Presence status of all your team so if expert advice is required it will indicate exactly who is available to take the call at that moment

contact centre

To complement your Contact Centre solution we recommend you look at our Call Recording & Reporting options too.  If this is all the information you need, that’s great!  Feel free to get in touch with us.