Wi-Fi Marketing

Gain valuable insights

When it comes to guest Wi-Fi, it’s taken as a given that not only will it be free, but also fast, reliable and secure for your customers. Until recently, businesses offering this free service saw little in return for their investment but things are set to change with the arrival of Wi-Fi marketing. Based in the cloud it works by simply connecting your customers to your network via a bespoke splash page, by one of the many login authentication processes (email, social, etc). Once connected, you have access to their valuable customer information.

Find out useful demographic and engagement data

  • Team

    Who they are

    Gather social media profile data – age, gender, interests, etc.

  • Location

    Find out where and when people login to use your Wi-Fi.

  • Days Time

    Return Visitor

    Find out how many return visits are made & their frequency.

  • Usage


    See the length of time they spend using the internet & their data usage.

Wi-Fi marketing

Send targeted messages from the Wi-Fi data you collect

This is where your business can start to reap the benefits of Wi-Fi as you can engage far more with your customers; offering branded loyalty schemes and personalised offers.  There are innumerable reports available too so you can analyse footfall, user behaviour and trends. Wi-Fi marketing is also a useful tool for content filtering and ensuring you’re complying with legal best practices such as GDPR.

Our Wi-Fi marketing solution features

  • Marketing tools to create targeted campaigns

  • Real-time Wi-Fi Analytics

  • Social Wi-Fi and Integration

  • Compliance and Security

  • Custom Splash and Landing Pages

  • Location Analytics and Heatmaps

  • Family Friendly Content Filtering

  • Event Wi-Fi

  • Detailed Network Statistics

  • Integration with Third-Party Systems


Feel free to get in touch – as all our solutions are bespoke we’re happy to talk you through the options best suited for your business.