Datasharp employee invited to become member of Lions Club of Truro

By Zoe Thomason | 19/09/12 | News

We are frequently proud of our team – most recently it’s because one of our team (the lovely Ben) has been badged up as a member of The Lions Club of Truro (a charitable trust organisation which has served the Truro area for over 40 years).

Ben, was absolutely delighted; “I strongly believe in serving our community to the best of my abilities on both on a business and personal level. I am very proud to be a member of the Lions Club of Truro and am looking forward to being actively involved in their fund raising activities.”

Alan Downie, active member for over 12 years and ex-President of Lions Club of Truro is also very pleased Ben has joined the Club; “One of our aims is to recruit more young members, such as Ben, to help drive our organisation forward with their technical knowledge and young ideas. I am absolutely delighted that Ben has joined the team – everybody loves him!”

Lions Club of Truro 2012

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