Top 7 considerations when choosing an MFP

By Martin Gardner | 02/10/17 | Copy-Print-Scan

How do you choose the right multi-functional printer (MFP)? Today, MFPs do a lot more than just print, copy and scan. They are fully networked, integrate with third-party software, cloud ready, they have advanced technical capabilities and they even need to be protected against security threats. Here are seven critical questions you need to have answered to be able to select the right MFP for your business needs:

  • What does your business normally print?
    Most offices print documents of some sorts. Others need to be able to put together advertising materials and other items that require special features on the printer and advanced copier functionality.
  • How much printing and copying does your business do?
    Some businesses print only a few documents a day. Others print and copy hundreds. When selecting a new piece of office equipment, you need one that can keep up with your current demands and handle any expansions you think might come along in the next few years.
  • Do you need the option to print or copy in colour?
    Most printing is still done in black and white. However, some businesses do quite a bit of color printing and copying. If your office needs a color option, you need to keep that in mind when selecting the right office machines for your business.
  • What level of print quality do you need?
    Some printers are good for office documents that don’t go out to clients. However, when you need to put together materials to go out to clients, you need a printer and copier that can produce high-quality documents efficiently and quickly.
  • What sized paper do you need it to be able to handle?
    Your business may only print or copy documents on A4 paper. However, many companies need the option to select other sizes like A3 legal.
  • What other functions do you need your MFP to do?
    A basic MFPs functions include copying, printing and scanning. When purchasing a new MFP, there are many other functions available, so it’s up to you to determine what else you’ll need. Additional time-saving features include USB-Direct Printing and Scanning, which makes it convenient for users to access the device while minimizing extra steps. If your MFP allows users to send scanned documents to network folders, FTP folders, USB, email or fax – or even save files directly to the device, this can help improve your document workflow.
  • What kind of security do you need?
    You’re trying to cover all of your bases, making sure there aren’t any vulnerabilities on your network. Today’s MFPs are as advanced as computers and can be compromised in the same ways. It’s important to make sure they’re properly secured so your business is protected from security threats. When purchasing an MFP, find out which security features are available.
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